Estate Planning

At Davlyn Financial, we provide comprehensive estate planning services that enable individuals and business owners to manage their assets and finances. Through our services, we help individuals ensure that their loved ones are provided for, their assets are distributed according to their wishes, and their legacy is preserved.

Estate Planning


Having a will is essential for business owners and families; for business owners, it ensures the protection of assets, a smooth ownership transition, and financial security for their loved ones. For families, it facilitates the distribution of investments and the appointment of legal guardians for dependents.

Life Insurance

We offer a range of life insurance options, including both term and permanent coverage, to provide peace of mind and financial security for your family’s future. We offer a range of insurance options, including personal and corporate coverage such as Buy-Sell and Key Person insurance.

TAX Planning

Effective tax planning can result in significant savings, allowing you to leave more to your loved ones. By reducing the taxes owed on your estate, you can ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, with less diverted to paying taxes. Proper planning can help you preserve your legacy, allowing you to pass your wealth to future generations and support the causes you care about.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is a meaningful way for you to support causes and organizations you care about while positively impacting society. This can include gifting through life insurance or bequests through your will. In addition, this can result in significant tax benefits, allowing individuals to reduce their taxable income.